Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 : Tower Building , Jamie . (:

Day 1 Mac Attack -Activity 4: End-Of-Day-Reflection

What have you done today?
We played some ice-breaking games in order to get to know our classmates better.

What have you learnt today?
I've learnt about the 3Rs - Roles, Rights, & Responsibilities, which are fundamental in the SST community.

Why did you choose to come to SST?
SST offered applied learning, an initiative not able to found in other schools.

What are your aspirations as a member of the SST family?
I aspire to be able to contribute effectively to the school and to the society.

I selected this picture as it has captured some of us (including me. xD) having lots of fun during the ice-breaker games. :D

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wishes On The Wall

1 of the useful features of Wallwisher is that it allows students to simultaneously access the same wall using different devices and post their ideas on the wall to share them with the teacher and their classmates.

1 of the limitations is that each sticky has a limitation of only 160 characters, thus if we exceed the limit, we will have to continue on another sticky. When we post the other sticky, the wall may become a bit messy.

It can be used for debates and planning of activities.

My Digital Favourites

Photobucket - www.photobucket.com
Picnik - www.picnik.com
Youtube - www.youtube.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com
Blogger - www.blogger.com
Twitter - www.twitter.com
Google Apps - www.google.com (All the google apps can be found here.)
Wikipedia - www.eng.wikipedia.org

Facebook is my favourite Web 2.0 tool as it allows us to effectively stay in touch with our friends and make new friends online at the same time. As practically everybody has a Facebook account these days, thus, it would be easy for us to know more about them, just by looking at their Facebook page. We may even rediscover new friends when we search for them and find their account on Facebook.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Places That I Have Been To In Singapore During This School Holidays.

View Places I Visited During The December Holidays in a larger map">

Suggested Route From My Home To SST.

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Google Maps also provides us with the total estimated travelling time of a specific route, so that we can plan what time we have to leave any destination in order to reach another on time. It also takes note of the various traffic conditions on the route so that we would be able to take another route to avoid a traffic jam.

I think that the information that Google Maps provide is extremely useful as we can get directions easily without asking around and wasting our time. The information given would definitely be very reliable itself as these maps all have pictures and stuffs like that.